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Demandware Shopping Index: Shoppers Changing Places Cross-Device Shopping Is Here More and more, shoppers are using multiple devices. In Q4 2014, 21% of shoppers that made multiple shopping visits did so on two or more types of devices (computers, tablets or phones), up 14% from Q4 2013.
Ecommerce Innovations Blog, 03.30.2015
Content Drives Commerce, Not Just Engagement What is an ecommerce site? Is it a vehicle for selling products, or an opportunity for compelling storytelling that helps establish meaningful connections with customers? The answer is it’s both. [...]
Demandware Shopping Index: Why is Digital Commerce Growing The Demandware Shopping Index measures digital commerce growth and is based on an analysis of activity from over 100 million consumers that shop with retailers on the Demandware Commerce Cloud. This index considers shopper frequency, conversion rates, average order values and net change in shoppers.
Ecommerce Innovations Blog, 03.18.2015

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